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Chiropractic Care for Disc Patients
Presented by Dr. Shawn Thistle

*8 Structured Credit Hours

The contribution of intervertebral disc pathology to mechanical spinal pain syndromes is an important and often challenging aspect of daily patient care. Those with recurrent or episodic neck or low back pain may have a discogenic component to their clinical syndrome, ranging from early degenerative changes to progressive bulges or overt nuclear herniation.
'Chiropractic Care for Disc Patients' Seminar By  Dr. Shawn Thistle
This informative, clinically-relevant Seminar will get you right up-to-date on current research on intervertebral disc pathology, as well as contemporary clinical assessment, diagnosis and management strategies. My goal is to raise your clinical confidence, enhance your diagnostic thought process and improve outcomes so you can better serve your patients.

*NOTE for Ontario Chiropractors

This Seminar fulfills the new CCO requirement for "5 mandatory structured hours consisting of diagnostic or therapeutic procedures related to any of the controlled acts within the chiropractic scope of practice”.


OTTAWA Sunday April 8th / 8am - 5pm
Courtyard Marriott (350 Dalhousie St.)

SARNIA Saturday May 5th / 8am - 5pm
St. Clair Corporate Centre (265 Front St. North)

LONDON Sunday May 6th / 8am - 5pm
Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre (551 Windemere Rd.)
OWEN SOUND Saturday May 26th / 8am - 5pm
Cobble Beach Resort & Golf Links (221 McLeese Dr. S.S. #3 Kemble)
TORONTO Sunday June 10th / 8am - 5pm
BMO Institute for Learning (3550 Pharmacy Ave, Scarborough)
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'Chiropractic Care for Disc Patients' Seminar By  Dr. Shawn Thistle


Section 1: Intervertebral Disc Pathology

From molecular biology to flexion loads…what do we know?
The IVD is a complex, fascinating structure which is essential to spinal function, yet subject to degenerative processes or overt injury. To appreciate the role the IVD may play in the development of mechanical spinal pain syndromes, chiropractors should have a working understanding of the cellular and molecular biology of the IVD, as well as how the biomechanics of movement and loading can contribute to discogenic pain and dysfunction.

Sections 2 & 3: Clinical Aspects of Lumbar & Cervical Disc Pathology

Evidence-informed, patient-centred care…how are disc patients different?
Effectively caring for disc patients along the spectrum of intervertebral disc pathology first requires a proper degree of clinical suspicion, followed by appropriate assessment, diagnosis and management adaptations. In this section, we will discuss cervical and lumbar IVD pathology separately, using clinical case examples to help us integrate research into patient care!


  1. Summarize contemporary knowledge on the pathophysiology of disc degeneration, injury and pain generation
  2. Appraise spinal loading profiles and movement tolerances in order to facilitate individualized assessment and treatment prescription for disc patients
  3. Integrate current best-evidence into the chiropractic care of patients with clinical syndromes involving the cervical or lumbar intervertebral discs

All-inclusive with light breakfast, lunch with wine or beer, & course materials


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