Spinal Manipulation 105: Cervical Spine Clinical Trials / 1 Credit

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Learning Objectives:
  1. Appraise the effectiveness of spinal manipulation therapy, medication and home exercise with advice for patients with acute and subacute neck pain.
  2. Evaluate the relative effectiveness of high-dose, supervised exercise with and without spinal manipulation and low-dose home exercisefor chronic neck pain.
  3. Assess the preventive value of spinal manipulative therapy, with and without home exercise, in patients with non-specific chronic neck pain.
  4. Compare isolated cervical spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) versus a combination of cervical, cervico-thoracic and thoracic SMT in patients with chronic mechanical neck pain.
  5. Identify predictors of positive outcomes of chiropractic spinal manipulation in neck pain patients and determine whether these predictors are different between acute and chronic patients.
Course Reviews:
  1. Spinal Manipulation vs. Medication vs. Home Exercise for Neck Pain - RCT +MP3
  2. Supervised Exercise +/- Spinal Manipulation vs. Home Exercise for Neck Pain -  RCT +MP3
  3. RCT: Preventive SMT +/- Home Exercise for Chronic Neck Pain +MP3
  4. Spinal Manipulation for Chronic Neck Pain - Isolated vs. Multi-Region +MP3
  5. Predictors of Improvement in Patients with Neck Pain Undergoing Chiropractic Care +MP3


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